Final Program

PROGRAM 2018-05-23T17:09:31+00:00



Thursday 24 May 2018

10:00 Registration and coffee
10:20 Welcome word, Chair: Prof. Johan Gyselinck (ULB) and Dr. Hakan Ergun (KU Leuven)
10:40 Keynote presentation 1: Prof. Damien Ernst (ULg), GREDOR: Management of distribution systems open to renewables
Chair: Dr. Hakan Ergun (KU Leuven)
11:25 Session 1 – Electrical power systems 1, Chair: Prof. Geert Deconinck (KU Leuven)
Jay DAVE (KU Leuven), Economic analysis of dc grid protection strategies
Johnny LEUNG (ULB), Implementation of a coherency-based balanced truncation method for power system models using PowerFactory and MATLAB
Gilles CHASPIERRE (ULg), Identification of a reduced-order model of an active distribution network using a recursive training
Brida MBUWIR (KU Leuven), Dual decomposition based optimization in microgrids
Jeroen REINDERS (TUe), Uncertainty in power system planning and operation – an integrated approach
Mahtab KAFFASH (KU Leuven), Optimal scheduling of residential energy storage device in multi-carrier energy systems
12:55 Lunch
14:25 Session 2 – Power electronics and devices 1, Chair: Dr. Bas Vermulst (TUe)
Andreas PELS (KU Leuven), Simulation of voltage regulated switch-mode power converters using multirate partial differential equations
Alexis DESMOORT (UMONS), Modeling and optimal control of resonant wireless power transfer
Nam VU (VUB), A high efficiency and high step-down conversion LDC converter in multifunctional on-board charger
Lie WANG (TUe), Lifetime improvement of power semiconductors with adjustable gate driving strategy
Nikola BOSKOVIC (TUe), Dynamic current sharing in paralleled low voltage GAN MOSFETS
Ozgur SAKINCI (KU Leuven), Comparison of linear time-invariant and linear time-periodic models for small-signal stability analysis of power electronic converters
15:55 Coffee break
16:25 Session 3 – Electrical machines 1, Chair: Prof. Peter Sergeant (UGent)
Diogo PINTO (ULB), 3-D finite element simulation using open-source software
Andries DAEM (UGent), Measuring magnetic properties in stack structures of non-grain oriented electrical steel laminations
Sam ALEKSANDROV (TUe), Comparison of two analytical modelling techniques, applied to a linear permanent magnet synchronous motor
Mohamed HUSSEIN (UGent), Transient lumped parameter thermal model based loadability studies for the YASA axial flux permanent magnet synchronous machine
Lynn VERKROOST(UGent), Predictive control of an axial flux permanent magnet synchronous machine
17:40 Info
17:50 Drink at the BEAMS Department, Electrical Energy lab
18:45 City trip & more drinks
20:30 Dinner

Friday 25 May 2018

08:30 Registration and coffee
08:45 Keynote presentation 2, Dr. Fabien Meinguet (Thales Alenia Space), Challenges to come in power electronics for space
Chair: Dr. Yves Mollet (ULB)
09:30 Session 4 – Electrical power systems 2, Chair: Prof. Jean-Claude Maun (ULB)
Juan SUN (ULB), Probabilistic assessment of the impact of connecting a new DG unit to a potentially congested power system
Miguel DE VILLENA (ULg), Exploring regulation policies in distribution networks through a multi-agent simulator
Maikel KLERX (TUe), Condition assessment of underground low voltage assets
Sander CLAEYS (KU Leuven), Storage-based voltage support in distribution networks through supervised machine learning
Sander WILLEMS (ULB), Probabilistic transmission expansion planning evaluation methods: insights in the requirements of a probabilistic evaluation method
Ilyes MEZGHANI (UCL), A generalized Nash equilibrium analysis of electric power transmission-distribution coordination
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Session 5 – Power electronics and devices 2, Chair: Prof. Jef Beerten (KU Leuven)
Baptist VERMEULEN (KU Leuven), Evaluation of equivalent network model parameters of thermoelectric generators applied for energy recovery from waste heat
Yunhe YU (TU Delft), Accurate dynamic behaviour modelling of two battery technologies for solar home system applications
Mohanned MNATI (UGent), Using LoRa technology for smart monitoring and controlling of photovoltaic inverter system
Christophe PATYN & Thijs PEIRELINCK (KU Leuven), Model-free reinforcement learning control of a thermostatically controlled load
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Session 6 – Electrical machines 2, Chair: Dr. Dave Krop (TUe)
Léo FRIEDRICH (TUe), High-order methods applied to electrical machine modeling with non-linear material characteristics
Marcelo NESCI SOARES (ULB), Robust power-electronic-converter fault detection and isolation technique for WRSG wind turbines
Koen BASTIAENS (TUe), Design of an axial-flux permanent magnet machine using the 3-D magnetic charge model
Huayu LI (UGent), Dual control of salient-pole PM machines by using voltage pulse responses
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Session 7 – Electrical power systems 3, Chair: Prof. Dirk Van Hertem (KU Leuven)
Jérémie BOTTIEAU (UMONS), Fostering the participation of battery storage systems in the real-time balancing of electrical grids
Rick LOENDERS (KU Leuven), Control hardware in the loop for IEC 61850 goose performance testing
Lucia LARUMBE (TU Delft), Introduction to harmonics and resonances in large offshore wind power plants: a review
Dimitar BOZALAKOV (UGent), Voltage unbalance mitigation by using active rectifiers and the three-phase damping control strategy
Thomas ROOSE (KU Leuven), On the importance of wideband modelling of VSC-HVDC systems for dc side stability analysis
Martijn ROOS (TUe), Transient analysis of control mode switching inverters in sectionalizing distribution networks
17:15 Best presentation award and Closing word
Chair: Prof. Dirk Van Hertem (KU Leuven), Prof. Johan Gyselinck (ULB)